Modular plastic belts provide excellent durability
in applications as varied as packaged consumer
goods to metal working transport.

The solid, low friction surface with positive
sprocket drive gives combined with our modular
conveyor extrusions provide years of low
maintenance service.
Low profile modular plastic belt units fit easily
inside machines to convey product or scrap. Our
innovative end drive & tensioner design makes
belt adjustments a breeze.

Combine low profile modular plastic belts with
extruded frame conveyors to build an easily
reconfigurable sytem.

Modular plastic belts provide excellent durability
in metal working applications.

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Our robust 450 series extruded frames have
three T-slots per side making it easy to mount
many items in critical areas. This automated
product presentation and accumulation system
tied two workcells together with custom
product fixtures traveling on our 9" centerline,
tight radius curves with stop and escapement
devices feeding a precision lock station.

With our family of conveyor frames you never
comprimise, our structures are all designed to
complement each other!
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wide products
conveyed on
5935 Series
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450 Series
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